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critical analysis

Cynicism to Criticism Part 1: Beyond the Reality-Principle, The End of the Postmodern
In order to be able to create a space where we can be free of postmodernism, we’ll have to bury it. This means both an understanding of postmodernism (which will never be complete) as well as an understanding of what necessarily comes after it. [read article]

Cynicism to Criticism Part 2: How not to Succeed in Politics (Without not really Trying) Political love as "the end of politics proper"
One must be able to calculate the necessary consequences of a capitalist form of organization if one is to properly understand political measures within such a given economy.  In order to properly speak of politics we will have to preface this article with the given equation: Politics = Politicization = Democracy. [read article]

Sacrificing Liberty for Enjoyment
I have seen the greatest minds of my generation give up on any notion of change.  Apathy and cynicism pervade my generation.  My peers see the fundamental flaws of the current system, profess a cynical understanding of the world, yet believe there is nothing that can be done, falling back on sentiments similar to the famous declaration of Jim Morrison in the late 1960s, “I don’t know what’s gonna happen man, but I wanna have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.”  It is this cynicism that gives my generation its sense of radicality. [read article]

La Revolution Mode D'Emploi Revolution: Directions for Use
The greatest threat at present is not being able to envision anything beyond the current and merely apparent “end of history,” beyond the liberal-democratic consensus functioning as the illusory end of politics proper, beyond any reference to the status quo.  It seems inappropriate nowadays to envision anything beyond that which exists, and the originary antagonism between the world as it is presented to us, and politics as having an inborn hostility to any status quo, has been lost. [read article]

Constructing a New Paradigm
There is much talk of renouncing the paradigm, of moving beyond autistic economics—a system that is profound within its narrow scope yet oblivious to the natural sciences and human dignity.  We no longer need renunciation.  We no longer need to show the bad as bad, for it is known.  What we need is construction—a counter project—a new paradigm that consists of more practical application than idealist rhetoric.  I will attempt to sketch an alternative model, one that speaks to the great ecological and social problems facing us today.  In this short article it will be nearly impossible to give everything its due attention, to speak to every string within the vast and complex weave.  The purpose is to initiate a dialogue of construction, beyond simple criticism of the current model.  Critique is always easier than construction—we must not be lazy. [read article]

The Renunciation of the Sacred Object: The Qu'ran, Isreal, and The Lord of the Rings
In regards to the Middle East, most people think the situation is completely unfixable.  I have heard this case argued from Jews and Muslims alike.  In addition, it must be stated that the time for heroes is over, that it was finished with Nietzsche, Blake, Rimbaud, etc.  What’s needed now, however, more than ever, is a hero, but the properly ethical hero.  And in this case, the heroic gesture is to precisely renounce the sacred object.  [read article]



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