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Tai Amri’s poetry is concerned with confronting the injustices of this white-supremacist patriarchal-capitalistic paradigm that is suffocating the will of the world. By calling in the divine imagery of the indigenous peoples of Africa, the Americas, and the prophetic social witness of the politically and socially radical Christ and counter-culture enlightenment of the Buddha, his work stands in contrast, and thus works towards disemboweling, poetry which forcibly submits to prescribed definitions of ‘what a poem should be,’ and in doing so it disembowels, ‘what a human should be.’ Common themes in his work are the challenging and critiquing of the traditional roles prescribed for the ‘oppressor’ and the ‘oppressed.’

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By Mauricio Escudo de Mujeres

“Freida’s Bastard” is an excerpt from Mauricio Escudo de Mujeres’ forthcoming novel, Labyrinth of Struggle. Escudo, a historian and writer, uses fiction to illuminate a nearly forgotten moment in the brutal history of the 20th century: the brief liberation and subsequent enslavement of women who rose against Franco.  In the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, women of the resistance found a fate worse than death.  Rape, torture, and rancid food were their daily reality while caged in dungeons of a bygone era.  Through the constant physical violations Freida found life, a bittersweet life which grew in her womb. [read story]