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Why copyleft is right (and how commercialization is wrong)

Check this out.  A six second drum loop from The Winston’s 1969 B-side “Amen Brother” revolutionized modern music, and pop culture as we know it.  From early hip hop of the late 1980’s to the UK Rave scene in the early 1990’s this six second loop created the modern break beat and changed the way people made and heard music.  The Winston’s never sought compensation for the usurpation of their beat.  The funk/soul group of the Baby Boomer Generation gave it freely to the Gen Xers.  But now, the same six second Amen break is being used by mass marketers to sucker Gen Y & Z to buy everything from Jeeps to whack-ass tracks.  The free exchange that hip hop and electronic music was built on is no more.  Under current law, we will never see a musical and cultural movement created “legally.” There will be no more DJ Shadows Endtroducing.....and there will only be more well financed labels slightly changing beats and buying up copyrights.  Anyway, check it out, it explains better than I can. 

Thanks to http://www.sp1r1t1nc.com for the link.

Posted by on 02/15 at 09:31 PM

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