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Acute dilatation of the left ventricle the result of disease at the

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afflicted with ainhum are seldom brought in contact with medical men.

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tion so the application of a Lane plate was carried out. The patient

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previously dipped in a solution of dextrine made with 125

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kidney showing acute interstitial nephritis Fig. 5.

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EnoLOCiv. Bmia the cases caused by wounds of the puotU I

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Rosenow E. C. Transmutations of the streptococcus and of the pneumo

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inside of the larynx respiration became free and the voice strong

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be toxic to trypanosomes. but also toxic to the host.

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the liver is decidedly cnlnrgctt tlie patients feel that their right hypc

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from the tops according to the general process for obtaining volatile

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Clinical Professor of Genito Urinary Surgery Indiana Uni

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the severe course of the mucosal inflammation and the degree of sub

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cannot flout the opinions of their colleagues with impunity

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My fourth case illustrates that this condition sometimes

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Eder. Kobert A report of an investigation relative to the con

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University School of Medicine Easton Hospital has a lot to offer

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needed service in the center while awaiting transfer collective supervision by

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It was distinctly understood that our entering this

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which 1211 specimens were examined before May 15 1915. Among

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will keep it aseptic must be strenuously enforced by the physician

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1000 activists close down NATO
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