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other than the kidneys. The relation of the chlorids in the blood
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to incoherent talking and laughter. This state of insensibility remains
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the speciaUst is frequently associated with general cases as a con
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senses of toucb and pain and the reflexea are increased. Tenderness
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This line of investigation has been carried out by Dr. Trevan
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former infarction had not yet returned to normal function and
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donation of 150 000 from John Purdue of Lafayette backed by 50 000
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quently accompany epidemics of typhus and partly be
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great deal and likewise so does the technique employed.
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almost fixed and motionless. Dr. Stokes immediately changed his position
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incapable of appreciating the real importance of trivial causes.
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When the sputa are excessive anti expectorant measures
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Raynaud s disease bears a strong resemblance to ergotism. Although
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had not betrayed its existence by such symptoms. During his illness the
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pigment. The fat tissue has thus in general more the characters of
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There is hypertrophy of the lateral lobes of the thyroid gland in
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ration should be allowed only in small amount at one time and in
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annoying and unbearable affection. In some instances the ingestion of opium
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of wonder that in that time of evolution of surgery the
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and plump at birth and on very careful examination no disease could
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The antenna of either a male or female of the preceding grass
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friction murmur is an expressive sign of pericarditis where it exists and
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which has a tendency to spring open in that direction. This will
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the skin and external parts. The same thing is aUu illustrated in the
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tions of national honour go to the winds. One by one
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years after infection. This again teaches us that we
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antiseptic surgery. In Lister s absence during vacation Chiene
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differ from the Echis by having a ridge along each side of the
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Carbon Tetrachloride Use of Removal of Hookworm in Human Beings 381
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on page 12 are to be recommended in indigestion if constipation exists.
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are at once removed from all danger of being pulled upon
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able result may be recorded as regards life. A rapid
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disodic mono hydrogen phosphate Na. gt HPOi and shows
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foration into the rectum vagina bladder or through the ab
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liakims dressers and herbalists should be registered and
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A good deal of desultory homoeopathic treatment seems
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for coughs. The St. John s wort grows abundantly in this country and
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the lesions of Peyer s patches were typical enough they
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patient and will also be able to render all the assistance
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be fibrous as in normal fibro cartilage or elastic cartilage. The in
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again by a simple knot below the inferior commissure again separating
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rhage dtie to recent Typhous Ulceration of the Ileum. Guy s Hos
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by means of cultures of the human bacillus which is of low virulence
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structive letters from his pen written from Berlin
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pressing it in a hydraulic press in order to extract all juices
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sarsaparilla it is stated that the therapeutic value of the latter de
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tomical relations of the joint there is one point that is
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recently been forced too much into the background by the
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general rule. 2 Dilatation of urethra by sponge tents or a three
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lysis such a source has often been overlooked. Muscle
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Some differences of opinion exist regarding the value
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marked polyuria a very prevalent urinary condition in very
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A most remarkable case of traumatic abscess is reported in the
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was controlled primarily in 100 per cent. with 90 per cent of permanent
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endowed sheltered in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands the
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diagnosis and the good that may result therefrom even under

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