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The shape of the cross section of the tract varies as the

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the anterior one was reduced in size. The current was again

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allowed. 2 When there is general oedema and the chloride elimination is

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culosis congress and a national exhibition of hygienic

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which a married woman age 24 subject to irregular menstruation

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suicidal. The mineral acids have also been administered other

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like the one described in Case I. Stenosis of the pulmonary artery

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over trunk and legs. The lungs showed signs of cou

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certainly and which if it fail to act will not pro

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migraine the use of warm drinks provokes or aggravates the

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suddenness wall pass from great danger to comparative safety.

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healthy and abundant nutrition but as the feeble sickly mother often

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As yet it h.is not been his fortune to meet with a case

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irregularlv distributed over the body that were darker

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i uiet free from nois gt. ami in a darkened room. Operytive interference

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This species was prepared for publication in my preceding paper but after

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added than on either the day preceding or that following. The elec

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lieve that there is no indication for splinting the

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las of the scalp and of other maladies and lesions

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peared readily on pi essure being largest and brightest

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the Sunday editors on this alarming demonstration of

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perties to the highest degree. The characteristic of its action is the

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can after some time cause deformities in the affected

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d entre lt MI c est le panegyrique do qucl ue confrere on

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practically analogous with the lining of the blood vessels.

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of the fatal cases the author considers as relative

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owing to the inequality of pressure exerted upon it and he

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be as many creeds as there are believers. Science of course be

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epidemic in the Minnesota School for Feeble Minded and Colony

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Goodwin Director General of the Army Medical Service

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drois niais je le voudrois peut etre trop. De plus nous avons

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tion with loss of sphincter control. The mind is rarely

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so great an extent as to cause them to contract irregularly and

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If these three methods of establishing identity are used together

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Cases originating in the tropics have been found associated Math elephan

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order that the culture should be vigorously promoted the

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Wade. The author remarks on the treatment of abdominal

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