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Valium Is Valium A Narcotic

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the bladder it would not so completely atrophy after castra

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Remarks by Dr. Roberts. This case came in the first instance

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inflamed in acute than in gonorrhcpal rheumatism. Perhaps no disease is

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on vomiting. Therefore when the lack of appetite depends upon

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the stomach and intestines contained prominent white

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thousands. The search for these embryos in the intestinal matters is

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lithotomy staff a grooved director etc. and to show how

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resemble true pericardial friction. The former however in some cases

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antigen in the form of tubercle bacilli from turtle

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units. Where extensive surveys requiring laboratory control arc necessary the Medical

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One is its contagiousness the other its incurability. Austin Flint con

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Sometimes considerable areas of the lung showed scattered rather than confluent

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even executed it while others exhibit acts of violence towards those who are

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indications the addition of such agents as sulphur the warm pack

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brushing or scraping the dirt oflf it before using. While you

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ease is propagated chicily hy the dog which seems specially susceptihle.

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and medical clearances. The camp hospital and segregation camp were

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Excellent work was done by both of these officei s. A sanitary

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his directions as to treatment sound and wise and while

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organic acids suffices to render the diagnosis easy.

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fungi and if the microscopical diagnosis alone is con

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gradually diminished towards the extremities near the cardia it was

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amusements such as fishing sailing and bathing are ample.

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that the i ank and file and also the general public shoitld

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Is expected that up to 18 months will be required to

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in any cachectic disease. Occasionally a few nucleated red cells normo

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Abdominal Operations performed in the Gvnecological Department from

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bation of later life. He did not think there was any rela

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keratolytic action of salicylic acid. The first dose con

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pill with conserve of roses or extract of liquorice.

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about certain treatises on ophthalmia on the nature of hydatids and

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argument. We think we express the views of most intelligent persons

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eight at the time of observation paresis had only become marked at

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scure abdominal disease but his examination will show calculi in

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creafed aftion of the kidnies and alfo a greater quantity of its more

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condition of the bone and with the naked eye large spaces filled with

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remedy is the promptness and constancy of its action. Its latest

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the blood and its total haemoglobin contents by the Haldane

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case is doubtfully feeling his way or that he ha s j

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Mixed cell sarcoma. Location and size Pericardium 13 x 8 x 5

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Of 2 939 measles cases 10.6 per cent developed pneumonia.

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ces upon which the Allopathatic and Homeopathic systems of

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owner of the first herd all the members of which had

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parts were irritated by fluid discharged from small integumentary ab

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to be seen and described. My purpose is to point out a

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Leucorrhoea especially where the discharge is abundant and acrid

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due to Eokitansky and the discovery of a specific pathogenetic microbe

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that case a certain doubt must remain first as to the presence of

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should be applied. For this precipitated sulphur resor

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was subsequently dressed on the 14th 21st and April 2nd when it was

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The issue of General Orders No. 132 War Department 1920

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After 4 and within 12 hours 196 cases 8.3 per cent.

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Society of Philadelphia pointing out the identity of the coccus which he

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The arrangement is a good one but necessarily in so brief a

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it surely became a philter and was conceived a medicine of

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any year for discharge for disabihty was in 1849 when the total rate

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considers that the prelhninary physical examination is made by Ime

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elements. Sometimes one unbroken circle was found alone in the midst of

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to 150 C. for two hours. The plates with the catgut

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