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marked reaction with a rise of 33 mm. in systolic pressure and

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given by forward traction on the hyoid with the left forefinger. If

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having as its objective the investigation of the patient s im

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incision enlarged posteriorly witli scissors. This may be

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attempt reduction by Kocher s metliod in cases of not more than

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to an hofpital we fhould feldom fee a putrid fever

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A species closely allied to and possibly identical with Randia densiflora Wall.

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presence of protein. Christiansen found however that for

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could not have proceeded from the cardiac gangUa. Gaskell introduced the

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This is moved along the wire until that point is found at

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mittee was perfect and nothing Init praise for it could be heard

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and from tdmixturo of butyric add has a disagrocable acrid

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too long a period with consequent bad results upon general nutri

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it seems that there is an intimate relationship between the number of

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in acidity corresponding to 1.63 cubic centimeter potassium hydroxide.

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variably follows. Cutting off all the anastomoses and

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pounds. This gave him great distress and he was hardly

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stimulus is counteracted and there is none of that danger

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of cathartics is slow. The bowels of horses excrete vastly

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in fifty eight seconds exclusive of the time required for applying

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friend Thomas Lincoln of Texas. He visits your capital mainly to

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may be the form the disease takes the limb usually remains service

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experimenter but brings to bear on its interpretation

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the quality and quantity of food irregularity in the times of eating drinking

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little residue and another recommends a diet which yields

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minute scales covering the blotches diminished. In such cases the afl ccted

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SJgapenMm or Serapimm is hot in the third degree gt dry

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scrofula correspond to those of syphilis. The initial infection

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opement scattered over the abdomen but none on the back. The erup

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but also the height of the instep must betaken account of

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shape. The tendency of this growth is to change. It

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days there was no improvement. After that she gradually

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and mild febrile or rheumatic attacks caused by cold. In

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assistance of the bacteriologist of the radiologist and

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tion. The calvaria was found dense and thick and the dura

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The immediate cause of diarrhoea is a congestion of the intes

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usnally crumbled biscuits upwards under the overhang of the

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maximum strength that an inflamed to the larynx for a certain length of

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of the catcher using his own badly soiled pocket handkerchief

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cover. The average duration cannot be determined. Some terminate

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and comfortably furnished and provided with good billiard room American

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consists of two transparent liquids the lower containing sulphate of

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fracture of the right parietooccipital region and of

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of the latter perspirations may occur in the absence of the

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mals subsequently used for food but it is not our purpose to treat

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his undoubtedly excellent account is contained his De re ana

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system leads to consciousness. Lloyd Morgan 8 offers the follow

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authority litigation and general blundering become the radiating

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a frying pan and crumble in the cheese upon the stove constantly stirring

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which appears to be certainly a hyperplasia or adenoma of the

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1000 activists close down NATO
Five Years Too Many!! the US anti-war movement steps it up
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